A pencil erasing the user interface of Netflix.
5 mins

How to delete Netflix viewing history on all devices

Don’t want your friends and family to see what you’ve been watching?
6 mins

How to block unknown callers

What if it’s an emergency?
15 mins

How to protect your creative work from AI training

Pro tip: Always read the privacy policy.
8 mins

Are Chrome extensions safe? How to use them securely in 2024

Chrome extensions can drastically enhance your browsing and increase productivity—but there are risks involved.
Period tracking app with an eye in the middle.
6 mins

Top period-tracking apps for privacy

Your period, your privacy. Don't let your menstrual cycle data become a commodity—or even a legal liability. Explore apps that put your privacy first.
Globe symbols on the letter D.
12 mins

Deep web vs. dark web: What’s the difference?

These terms are often used interchangeably, but they’re two distinct concepts.
14 mins

2024 UK election: Political parties’ stances on digital governance

Find out how the Tories and Labour differ on surveillance, digital privacy, and AI.


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